Concealed Lighting Techniques | Methods of Lighting

Concealed Lighting Techniques

Concealed Lighting is one of the methods of Lighting Systems. Concealed Lighting is usually preferred where dim ambient lighting is necessary to enhance the beauty of the ambiance.

Concealed Lighting System
Concealed Lighting System

Here are some of the other lighting methods apart from concealed Lighting:

  1. Direct Lighting
  2. Indirect Lighting
  3. Concealed Lighting
  4. Semi-concealed Lighting

Dining Lighting makes use of Concealed Lighting, Semi-concealed Lighting, Direct and Indirect Lighting System.

Task Lighting makes use of Direct Lighting system.

Underwater Lighting makes use of Diffused Lighting system.

Spot Lighting is complete different system of Lighting but since it has focussed illumination, it can fall under the category of Direct Lighting.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Evolution of the Concept of Concealed Lighting system and also how and where it is used….

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Importance of Daylighting | Components of Daylight factor

Daylighting | Components of Daylight factor

Daylighting is the practice of the designing various types of openings to admit daylight into the working space for efficient and comfortable living. The orientation, shape and size of the openings play an important role in daylighting.

Daylighting could be provided with the help of windows, skylights, courtyards etc.

Skylight providing internal illuminance
Skylight providing internal illuminance

Daylight factor

Daylight factor can be defined as the sum of all daylight reaching an indoor reference point.

The three important components considered for the estimation of total amount of daylight reaching a particular point is as follows:

  1. Direct light of the sun
  2. External surfaces reflecting light directly to the point
  3. Internal surfaces reflecting and interreflecting light to the point

Each of the three components when expressed as a ratio or percent of the simultaneous external illuminance defines the sky component (SC), external reflected component (ERC) and internal reflected component.

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Various Types of Spotlights | Spot Lighting Techniques

Spotlighting Techniques

Spotlighting is a type of lighting system usually seen to be used in stage performances… Its main function is to maintain the focus of light on the person on stage.


Depending on the use of the spotlights to be used, they are classified as follows:

  • Plano Convex
  • Ellipsoidal
  • Fresnel
  • Parabolic Aluminized Reflector [PAR]
  • PAR Pin
  • Beam Projector
  • Followspot

The above mentioned seven types of Spotlights are the most commonly used for the Lighting system in Theatrical performances…

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the various types of Spotlights and their Lighting Mechanism and Use in detail with relevant informative pictures explaining the spotlight.

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Lighting Design for Interiors | Primary Lighting Techniques

Types of Lighting Techniques | Primary and Secondary Lighting Techniques

Lighting is an art of illuminating the space in a way to create illusion. Lighting Techniques have been broadly classified into two categories:

  1. Primary Lighting
  2. Secondary Lighting

Primary Lighting and Secondary Lighting are used depending on the requirement of the kind of illumination required at a certain place. At some places, provision of only Primary Lighting would serve the purpose whereas where a meek ambiance is required, secondary lighting would serve the purpose.

Lighting in a Restaurant
Lighting in a Restaurant

Sometimes, for efficient and ambient lighting is the requirement and the cost of the lighting design is not an issue then Primary and Secondary lighting are both used in layers to create a dramatic effect.

Apart from the techniques of primary lighting and secondary lighting, the material used in the interiors also plays a vital role in creating a perfect ambiance.

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In this article, we will discuss in detail about the “Primary Lighting Design”…

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