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Lighting Techniques

Lighting enhances the ambiance of the place. It is the deliberate application to achieve some pleasing aesthetic effect. Lighting techniques differ from purpose to purpose. For example, for lighting up of the Dining Room, the kind of lighting technique and lighting fixtures used are different from that used in lighting up Water bodies such fountains, artificial lakes etc. because each one of these places creates a whole different feel of the space.

Pendant Lighting | Direct Lighting in a Restaurant
Pendant Lighting | Direct Lighting in a Restaurant

In this article, we will discuss Direct Lighting Techniques and the lighting fixtures that are used specifically for Direct Lighting System.

Here are some of the other lighting methods apart from Direct Lighting:

  1. Direct Lighting
  2. Semi-Direct Lighting
  3. Indirect Lighting
  4. Concealed Lighting
  5. Semi-concealed Lighting

Dining Lighting makes use of Concealed Lighting, Semi-concealed Lighting, Direct and Indirect Lighting System.

Task Lighting makes use of Direct Lighting system.

Underwater Lighting makes use of Diffused Lighting system.

Spot Lighting is complete different system of Lighting but since it has focussed illumination, it can fall under the category of Direct Lighting.

Direct Lighting

Direct lighting is nothing but an fixture on ceiling and casting light downwards used in offices, homes.etc. It is also known as Down Lighting. Direct lighting come in a wide variety of styles from iron to Zinc Alloy and with the lamp from LED to halogen. Direct lighting is usually mounted on the ceiling to provide uniform lighting.

Methods of Installation of Direct Lighting

  • Fixed to the wall
Lighting fixture fixed to the wall
Lighting fixture fixed to the wall
  • Fixed in the ceiling(in hollow block)
Lighting fixture fixed in the ceiling
Lighting fixture fixed in the ceiling

Hollow opening ceiling direct lighting

Hollow opening ceiling direct lighting technique give a dramatic effect to the environment. It appears to have lighting flashing from a hole in the ceiling which makes it look like a broad floodlight (for a bigger hole) or a narrow spotlight (for a smaller hole).

Direct lighting fixtures are divided into parts:

  • The trim
  • The housing
Direct Light fixture
Direct Light fixture

The trim

The trim is the visible portion of the light. It is the insert that is seen when looking up into the fixture, and also includes the thin lining around the edge of the light.

The housing

The housing is the fixture itself that is installed inside the ceiling and contains the lamp holder.

Various Direct Lighting Fixtures

Fluoroscent Lights

Fluoroscent lights are low energy consuming ceiling lights. They have captured a large market because of its quality of energy efficiency.

Fluoroscent lights
Fluoroscent lights

Flush Fitting Ceiling Lights

Flush fitting ceiling lights give good aesthetic appeal. These lights are used when unnecessary projections in the ceiling are to be avoided. They give interesting contemporary look. Nowadays, various shapes and colours are available in Flush fitting ceiling lights. We can give a funky ceiling lighting for your living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Flush Ceiling lights
Flush Ceiling lights

Low voltage down lights

Low voltage down lights are used when there is a need for distinctive crisp light.provide distinctive crisp light. The downlights are available in various shapes and they come in white or satin nickel finishes.

Low Voltage Downlights
Low Voltage Downlights


240v mains voltage spotlights give that white, crisp halogen light. available in a number of configurations from a single fixed spotlight, to twin adjustable spotlights that can be used as an up light / down light combination.


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  1. for ceiling lights, we always use compact fluorescent lamps because they are energy efficient compared to incandescent lamp::;


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