Civil Engineering Projects Weekly | 9th April 2013

Underestimate Green lighting? It can save millions of dollars…

The writer explains how green lighting can have a huge impact on the savings. It may seem surprising as to how such a small change in choice could help you save a lot of money. LEDs have been the top choice of the designers because of the variety of pleasing colour options that are available. The article details out the two success stories of the companies that have chosen to go for LEDs replacing their existing incandescent light bulbs. It has been really surprising since the amount that they have saved millions of dollars by going for a greener option of lighting.

LEDs – the future of lighting industry

We are all acquainted with LEDs. LED stands for light emitting diode. Initially, the LEDs weren’t as efficient as they are today. The article details out the pros and cons of using LED lighting. Today, LED is considered under the category of green electronic components. They have played a great role in revolutionizing the lighting industry.

Architect Javed Kachchhi interviewed regarding Construction site inspection

The author interviews the Indian Architect Javed Kachchhi regarding the construction site inspection. Various important questions have been answered that would be incredibly useful to the Architecture and engineering students as well as the young graduates. The questions regarding issues such as monitoring of the site, role of project management team, architects role on site inspection, mistakes committed by workers on site, scenario of construction sites in towns, scenario of construction sites in cities, role of contractors etc.

Damage and repair guide for Sinking Foundations

Sinking foundations could be disastrous for the life of a structure if not paid attention to. The damage and repair guide outlines the complex procedure into three simple steps. Every step in the guide has been explained in detail.

Here are the following three steps:

1)     Examination of the structure

2)     After the problem identification, an expert relating to the field is to be hired.

3)     Outline of methodologies or techniques for the repair of sinking foundation

Micro Economics and Architecture

In this article, the important terms in economics have been listed and adequately defined for proper understanding of various terms. It is immensely important for Architects and engineers to be aware of these terms such as Budget constraints, demand and supply, choice, uncertainties, equilibrium, cost minimization, profit maximization etc.

Window and Split air conditioners

This is a general article on two different types of air conditioners. This article falls under the category of electrical engineering. It is a basic article describing the components of air conditioners, its capacities and efficiency etc.

Toyota, Japan – A sustainable city

Toyota has earned its renown for building a sustainable living model. It is called the ecoful town. Achieving ecological sustainability has been its prime objective. The article describes the various measures taken by Toyota to help create a sustainable community.  Three major achievements such as transportation system, building smart homes, spreading awareness etc. have been described and how Toyota has successfully created low carbon sustainable energy systems and society systems have been explained.

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