Hollow Block Partitions | Terracotta Partitions

Hollow Block Partitions

Partitions are used to create distinct and specific spaces for specific purposes usually used in a residential construction which are generally residential homes.


Hollow Blocks
Hollow Blocks

Hollow Block Partitions are made up of different materials. The usually used materials for making hollow clay blocks are:

  1. Clay or Terracotta Hollow Blocks
  2. Fly ash Hollow Blocks
  3. Cement Concrete Hollow Blocks

Hollow Blocks of Clay or Terracotta

Hollow Blocks that are made using Terracotta or burnt clay are called Terracotta Hollow Blocks. Terracotta is a good insulator of heat and sound. Hollowness of the blocks adds to the advantage that Terracotta provides.

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Hollow Cement Block Partitions

What are Hollow Cement Blocks?

Hollow and dense cement concrete blocks known as hollow blocks, have been developed as an alternative to bricks. The products are widely used in construction activity. They are lighter than bricks, easier to place and also confer economics in foundation cost and consumption of the cement. The hollow blocks are made of cement, stone chips, stone dust and sand are not onlycheaper than bricks but have other specialities as well. These blocks have more tensile strength, the walls constructed from these blocks act as thermal insulaters because of their hollowness.

Hollow Cement Blocks Partition
Hollow Cement Blocks Partition

These blocks find wide applicability and construction cost is largely reduced. It is also observed that there is good demand for housing activity among tribals. As the construction activity is growing day by day, there is a good demand for hollow and cement concrete bricks.

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