Important Elements of Road Design

Elements of Road Design

To make the roads functional and provide smooth flow of traffic without creating much chaos; important elements are to be incorporated in road design.

In the previous article, we discussed “Different types of roads based on different purposes” and the “Important design factors the influence the construction of roads”. Elements of Road Design is the second step towards understanding the concept of Road Design.

Arterial Road | Motorway in Ireland
Arterial Road | Motorway in Ireland

We will also discuss “Types of Road Junctions” and “Parking Methods” in my successive articles.

Here the elements of Road Design

  1. Angle of Crossing
  2. Speed Breakers
  3. Kerbs
  4. Pedestrian Crossings
  5. Grade Separator

Angle of Crossing

The angle at which the two roads cross each other should not be an acute angle. They should be such aligned so that they meet at right angles to each other.

Speed Breakers

The speed breakers should be laid at specific distances in specific areas. Speed breakers should never be constructed on highways. They could lead to road accidents.


Kerbs are to installed wherever necessary usually on  a shopping street so as to connect the main road to the footpath for the access of the elderly and handicapped.

Pedestrian Crossings

Pedestrian Crossings should be marked in Black and White (Zebra Crossings) for convenience.

Grade Separator

Signages should be mounted from place to place displaying the limit of speed of vehicles for that particular area. This system is called grading.

For example, 20km/hour

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