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Classification of  Surveys according to their Purpose

In our previous article, we discussed division and classification of surveys based on various factors such as Purpose, instruments, field of work, method of work etc.

In this article, we will discuss different types of surveys carried out for various purposes in the field of Surveying

Mine Survey

Mine survey involves exploration of mineral wealth in the country. This would include minerals such as Gold, copper, coal, silver etc. between the earth’s crust.

Mine Survey
Mine Survey

Geological Survey

Geological Survey is carried out by geologists. It is usually for the purpose of the study of earth’s rock structure. It helps to determine different strata in the earth’s crust.

Archaeological Survey

As the name suggests, Archaeological Survey is carried out by the Archaeologists for the purpose of their study concerning the past. This survey helps to trace the relics of the past.

Archaeological Survey
Archaeological Survey

Military Survey

Military Survey is carried out by every country in the world. Military survey is based on a broader spectrum. Military Survey helps in determining the points of strategic importance for the country.

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  1. Part of this surveying classification based ob
    on purpose of survey is
    Control survey
    Cadestral survey
    Topographic survey
    Engineering survey
    City survey


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