NIT Trichy | Case Study, Documentation and Analysis

NIT Trichy, or the “National Institute of Technology” is an Engineering College in Tamilnadu.

The ensuing design is primarily based on the Indian values of living and at the same time converging a number of technologies, applied in a creative and innovative way.

Evolution of Form

The solar performance of various forms of the same volume has been analyzed to evolved the ultimate profile. A cuboid oriented with the longer side along the east west axis gets heated throughout the year.

NIT Trichy view
NIT Trichy view

A semi-circular cylinder with inclined walls performs exceptionally with insignificant heating in the summer and increased heating in winter.

Influence of space and volume on psychology

Variation in temperature and volume along the transition spaces increases user receptivity.

Interaction between the atrium and the various levels, facilitates cognitive mapping of the form.

Progression from formal to informal spaces promotes interactive group behavior.

The circulation staircase invokes a sense of accessibility in the building.

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Dome Light and Plastic Roof lights | Roof Light Construction

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about the uses and construction of Dome light and Plastic Roof lights.

Basically, roof lights are the elements of the roof that provide lighting into the interiors of the structure for efficient working of people and to keep the place well ventilated.

In today’s architectural terms, we call it skylights.

Pyramidal Roof Light
Pyramidal Roof Light

Roof lights are smaller openings in the roof structure as compared to Dormers.

Dormer construction is usually seen in the sloping roofs but rooflights are generally used when the roof is square, rectangular or circular

Dome light and Plastic Roof lights evolved after the Lantern light construction in which the transparent material used was glass.

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Solved: Samsung Tocco F480 Camera Failed! error

You know, in the last few days, I was really worried. I was trying to update the firmware on my Samsung Tocco F480 cellphone. But something went wrong, and I could not start the camera. Whenever I tried to start the camera, I would get an error message that said, “Camera Failed!”

Samsung SGH F480
Samsung SGH F480

I was worried… My warranty had expired. And in any case, I would have voided any warranty with the firmware upgrades I was doing on my phone. I was out of luck.

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The Art and Science of Structural Design Engineering

The practice of Civil Engineering is extremely diverse, involving technical, legal, business & practical skills. It  consists of various specializations like Structural Engineering, Project Management, Geotechnical Engineering and Surveying. The ability to combine skills in all these areas will contribute significantly to the success of a civil engineer.

Akashi Kaiky? Bridge - World's Longest Suspension Bridge
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan - World's Longest Suspension Bridge

To provide an overview of factors which are relevant to the successful practice of structural engineering, we have to look at the role of a structural engineer, understanding the needs and objectives of a client, the difficulties and conditions faced on site and the constraints put down by the Architect. A structural designer is capable of calculating different loads and stresses acting on a structure and designing the structure to resist there forces. For tall buildings, towers, tunnels, roads, marine structures, bridges and even space stations, structural designers are called upon to provide their expertise to ensure the stability of the structures.

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