The Magnificient Victoria Tower, Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is one of the most prosperous of Scandinavian nations in Europe. It has a long history of traditions and cultural heritage.  Sweden is famous for its amazing Swedish Cheese. Stockholm is a beautiful city, and its latest jewel would be the new Victoria Tower. It would be the second highest building in Stockholm after the Kaknästornet.

The Magnificient Victoria Tower, Stockholm, Sweden

The name “Victoria” comes from’ the crown-princess of Sweden. Construction on this tower began in May 2009. There was a lot of debate about the final height of the building. This tower would be operated by Scandic Hotels.

Victoria Tower is being built next to Kista, and appears impressed with its glittering new element in the Stockholm skyline. The building will house 300 hotel rooms for Hotel Scandic Kista and 5,000 square meters of offices. The inauguration of the hotel is scheduled for September 2011.

Interiors of the new Victoria Towers in Sweden

Currently, the tower would stand at 120m high and would have 33 floors. It’ll be part of the new KistaMässan convention/exhibition center, but is a separate project from it even thought they’ll be physically connected

The tower is being built as an extra strong structure, and is envisioned for a possible height increase to 174 meters in the future. But the height increase might not happen. Currently,  the building has received the necessary permits and approval and the construction has began. Planned height of the building is about 117m only.

The Chief Architects of this project are Wingardh.

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    very good

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    i like it

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    What are the aspects to be considered in the design of a 25 storey residential apartment.

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    really nice and maga structure .

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    nice building design…

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    Its a new design and looks impressive. I like the design of the interior. lets see how it looks when it gets finished.

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      It really is a novel design. The exterior design is just awesome and magnificent. And the interior design is such that it is complementing the exterior facade of the structure.

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