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Eyebrow dormer

Eyebrow dormer is also known as the roof eyebrow since it resembles an actual human eyebrow. It is curved in shaped with a window in between with a fixed or operable glass.

Eyebrow dormer

Eyebrow dormer

Eyebrow dormer is a mixture of aesthetics and functions.

Aesthetically, it breaks the monotony of an angular or sloping roof.

And we are to assess it functionally, it serves as ventilator for the top floor spaces which would otherwise get heated up.

It does require skilled labour for construction but are efficient in their functioning.

 Hipped Dormer

Hipped dormers and eyebrow dormers serve a similar purpose with respect to aesthetics and functionality. The only difference between the two is the shape of the dormers. Hipped dormers have three sloping roof panels that do not allow the snow getting collected on the roofs.

Hipped Dormer

Hipped Dormer

Hipped dormers are more preferred to eyebrow dormers because of its conventional sloping shape which makes it easier to construct.

Gabled dormer

Gabled dormer is similar to Hipped dormer but with two sloping roof panels forming a frame instead of three. The only difference is that it is larger than the hipped dormer. Construction of gabled dormer involves skilled labour.

Gabled Dormer

Gabled Dormer

The benefits of gabled dormer construction are as follows:

Adding space to the bedroom

Serves as an opening for light and ventilation

Aesthetically pleasing since it breaks the monotony of a sloping roof

Shed Dormers

Shed dormers consist of single roof panel. These type of dormers are a typical feature of Colonial revival architectural styles.

Shed Dormer

Shed Dormer

The function of shed dormers is similar to the above mentioned dormers (gabled, hipped etc.).

It provides some extra space in the attics with little head room. It also helps in breaking the monotony of the exterior of the building.

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