Tips to Building Construction | Repairing an Antique door and a Cracked brick wall

Repairing an Old Rotting Antique Door and Repairing a 14″ crack brick wall | Building Construction

In this article, I have mentioned two cases where the remedy for their repair is briefly explained. This sounds very easy but I am sure it will be of good help to all the Architecture and Civil Engineering students…

How would you restore an old rotting antique door?

The dimensions of the antique door are 7’x4’.

The rotting part of the door is to be cut carefully.

And the cut part of the door is replaced by the similar variety of wood.

After replacing the wood, give a similar finish to the door.

How would you repair a 14’’ thick brick wall which has developed cracks because of a peepal tree?

The roots of the peepal tree are to be removed from the wall.

Sometimes, chiselling is sufficient but if the roots have gone deep into the wall, then that part of the wall is to be rebuilt.

The bricks are laid and cement concrete finishing is done.

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